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SERVO Issue 11.2013
SERVO Issue 11.2013  


The Road to the DARPA Robotics Challenge — Part 3
by Daniel Albert, Chris Mayer, Girts Linde
This time, the team discusses mechanical changes, the biped systems, and using the Gazebo simulator as they continue work on Watson. Page 38

Get Your Motors Runnin’
by Fred Eady
Spinning a couple of motor shafts and positioning a hobby servo has never been easier. The combination of the Digilent motor shield, 32-bit Uno32, and ready-to-roll MPIDE motor shield library takes all of the pain out of robotic motor control. Page 48

Eye-Ears — My Interactive Looking/Hearing Robot
by Alan Schilling
Sometimes it’s important to just build a robot for fun and entertainment for both ourselves and others. Page 68


Build the Plastic Bot of Destruction — Part 1

by Michael Simpson

Now that we’ve wrapped up our series on 3D printers, we’re going to build a fighting robot with them. Page 42

Making Better Arduino Robots with the ArdBot— Part 4

by Gordon McComb

In this final installment, we’ll take a $2 TV remote and command the ArdBot to do our bidding from a distance. Page 56


by David Geer
The Famous Robots of Derek Scherer
This is why robotics is so cool ... you can go from working on top secret Army bots to making animatronics for blockbuster movies. Page 10

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Your Problems Solved Here 11.2013
A closer look at LEGO’s new EV3 robot. Page 14

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Human Augmentation
The concept of exoskeletons is not new. Read about where we’ve been and where we’re going with devices that enhance human performance. Page 76

by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits 11.2013
• VTOL Anything • Lots of Pickin’, No Grinnin’ • ETF Indexes Automation Industry • Razing a Stink Page 8

Combat Zone

SPECIAL REPORT: Judge Dave’s Guide to Winning
in Combat Zone: Features
Judge Dave (Calkins) is one of the original BattleBots judges, founding RFL member, founder of RoboGames, and co-founder of ComBots. These are his words of wisdom. Ignore them at your peril. Page 26

EVENT REPORT: DragonCon Robot Battles 2013
in Combat Zone: Events
Robot Battles 47 took place over Labor Day weekend during DragonCon in Atlanta, GA. At DragonCon, Robot Battles consists of two independent events. Page 30

EVENT REPORT: DragonCon Robot Micro Battles 2013
in Combat Zone: Events
Here’s how the smaller bots fared at Robot Battles this year. Thirteen Antweights and 15 Beetleweights competed in the Micro Battles event. Both classes had a diverse selection of machines competing for the win. Page 33

THEN AND NOW: Carlo Bertocchini
in Combat Zone: Features
When it comes to the glory days of televised robot combat, few competitors can beat Carlo Bertocchini's record. Page 36


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