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SERVO Issue 3.2013
SERVO Issue 3.2013  


Talking With Light
by Gordon McComb
Using light to provide feedback for your robot can be as simple as a single LED, or more complex using multiple LED colors. In this article, we’ll discuss simple techniques to communicate using light with your Arduino-based robot. The projects are simple to do, with only basic components and wiring needed. Page 36

Robotic Sensors
by John Blankenship, Samuel Mishal
By giving your robot just a rudimentary ability to identify objects, you can increase its ability to cope with more complex situations. Page 58


Build the Kronos Flyer - Part 5

by Michael Simpson

Read about some add-on items that hopefully will inspire your imagination. Page 44

The Neato Robot and ROS

by Boris Kudryavtsev

This eighth grader shows us how to hack a vacuum bot to turn it into a TABLEBot for competition. Page 54


by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits
• Beast of Burden Aces Field Tests • High Speed Book Scanner • Hovering Snoop Offers Endurance, Security • Fiddler on the Beach Page 08

by David Geer
HDT Global’s Adroit MK2 Robot Arms
They may not be able to transform into cars, trucks, or aircraft, but there is a lot of stuff these manipulators can do. Page 10

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Your Problems Solved Here
The saga on getting control over your FrankenRoomba continues ... Page 13

Twin Tweaks
by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
Robots in 4D
4D Systems is offering some new smart OLED and LCD display modules that will play well with your robots. Page 67

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Controlling Robots in the Air and on the Ground
Multi-rotor flyers are proving to be the next level of robotics. Page 74

Combat Zone

BUILD REPORT: Mini Bot Hockey Bots — Part 2
In Part 1 of this series, I covered the design of a new mini bot. Page 26

PARTS IS PARTS: Product Review: OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4 GHz Transmitter
The OrangeRx range of 2.4 GHz spread spectrum DSM2 receivers (available from HobbyKing) has proved to be very useful in combat robotics over the last couple of years as they provide a cheaper alternative to the Spektrum receivers required by the popular DX6e and DX6i transmitters. Page 30

Building a Large Scrolling Display — Part 2
Buoyed up by my success in getting one panel to work, I decided to add a second panel to increase the impact of the display and to make it a little easier to read. Page 32


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