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SERVO Issue 2.2013
SERVO Issue 2.2013  


Santa SERVO Surprises Upstate New York
by Dave Graham
A storm of SERVO Magazines came down on spectators at a recent holiday parade. Page 62


Broadcasting Real Time Video With Your Robot

by Gordon McComb

Learn how to add video to any robot — remotely controlled or not. Plus, also discover how to overlay textual data so you can get feedback, as well. Page 46

Build the Kronos Flyer - Part 4

by Michael Simpson

Part 4: Setup. Program and calibrate the ESCs; set the direction of the motors; see step-by-step how to install the NAZA flight controller; install the props; and get ready to take your Flyer for a spin. Page 54

Using Digital Sensors with VEX — Part 2

by Daniel Ramirez

Finish construction on the DIY VEX electro-mechanical compass, and get the I2C firmware necessary to make it work. Page 67


by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits
• UAV for Everyone • Flies and a Roll • Monopoly for Bots and Meatbags • The Future of Burgers? • Flipper Headed for Retirement Page 08

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Your Problems Solved Here
• Can cheap ESCs do the trick? • Working with a Digilent chipKIT MX3cK Page 12

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Robot Telepresence and Personal Assistants
I would like to begin our discussion of robots working around people with a look at some of the latest telepresence robots. Page 74

Combat Zone

BUILD REPORT: Keres: 150 g Fighting Robot
in Combat Zone: Features
Keres was built to test some prototype Mini-Spark gearboxes from FingerTech Robotics. Page 30

BUILD REPORT: Mini Bot Hockey Bots — Part 1
in Combat Zone: Features
Playing bot hockey is great fun, and it’s a big hit with the crowds at events. I have my own full team of 15 lb class bots. Page 33

EVENT REPORT: PennBots — The Second Annual Battle at Yellow Breeches
in Combat Zone: Events
PennBots — the Robot Club of Pennsylvania — hosted their Second Annual Fall Fling on November 17, 2012 at the Yellow Breeches Middle School in Boiling Springs, PA. Page 36

PARTS IS PARTS: Product Beta Test: RageBridge from Equals Zero Designs
in Combat Zone: Features
Iwas lucky enough to get a chance recently to test the new RageBridge dual channel brushed DC motor controller from Equals Zero Designs ( Page 39

PARTS IS PARTS: Prototype Testing: FingerTech Robotics Mini-Spark
in Combat Zone: Features
In the 150 g weight class, there are only a few options for drive systems. Page 41

Building a Large Scrolling Display
in Combat Zone: Features
Ioften attend shows where I’m either demonstrating combat robots and bot hockey, or as a sponsor providing prizes of Kitbots products. In order to inform the public about the event or the products, I have several banners to hang up on the walls, plus I also hand out business cards and information sheets when I have the time. It would be useful, however, to have a more eye-catching and informative way of passing on the information. Page 43


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