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SERVO Issue 6.2012
SERVO Issue 6.2012  


A Radio For Robots

by Fred Eady

This radio module can act as an RFID device, a key fob, and a wireless serial link. It also has 16-bit cyclic redundancy checking, motor noise tolerance, and networking capability, so it’s truly a robot’s radio. Page 52

Sounding Off - Part 4

by Gordon McComb

Create a custom sound co-processor using the Parallax Propeller to augment the audio generation features of your Arduino-based robot. Page 58

Building Maxwell: The Software

by Michael Ferguson

This time, focus is on the various components of the Robot Operating System (ROS) for our mobile manipulator. Page 69


by David Geer
Robot Band DARES to Sound Off in Contest
Robot Band DARES to Sound Off in Contest Page 05

by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits Page 08

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Ask Mr. Roboto
Your Problems Solved Here Page 14

Then and Now
Then and Now
Sensors for Mobile Robots — Part 2: Location and Object Recognition Page 74

Combat Zone

BUILD REPORT: Siafu and the Army of Ants — Part 1
in Combat Zone: Features
I decided my first serious Ant would be a drum bot. Page 32

EVENT REPORT: Happy 10th Birthday for Motorama – Motorama 2012
in Combat Zone: Events
This February 17th–19th, the Northeast Robotics Club ( hosted the 10th annual combat event at the Motorama Motorsports Extravaganza and Custom Car Show in Harrisburg, PA. Page 34

EVENT REPORT: Havoc at Harrisburg University — The 2nd Annual Downtown Dogfight
in Combat Zone: Events
Robotic enthusiasts with brainy and brawny bots converged on Harrisburg University in March to compete in multiple events at the 2nd Annual Downtown Dogfight. Page 37

EVENT REPORT: Gulf Coast Robot Sports Completes its 10th Event
in Combat Zone: Events
January 2012 marked the 10th South Florida Insectweight combat event from Gulf Coast Robot Sports (GCRS). Page 42

INTERVIEW: Tool City Robobots Leverages Combat for Learning
in Combat Zone: Features
For the past six years, middle and high school students from across Crawford County, PA have been building ever-increasing powerful 15 pound combat robots to compete in the annual Tool City Robobots competition hosted by the Crawford County School District and National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) of North West Pennsylvania. Page 45

The History of Robot Combat: Rise of the Insects — Part 2
in Combat Zone: Features
In the April issue of SERVO, we told the story of the development of the Antweight class in the United States. This month, we’ll discuss their larger counterparts: the Beetleweights. Page 48

A Decade of Robot Fighting
in Combat Zone: Features
The box is locked, the lights are on ... it’s robot fighting time! Page 4


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